Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Krsna is the taste of water

Good clean water is one of the most important elements of life. It always brings me joy and gladness to see the cows drinking from thier favorite water tank. This tank is right below the barn complex and holds about 250 gallons of water. In each of the 2 barns there is a 500 gallon cement tank with cool clean water. But the round tank on the way to the barn is by far the over all favorite of the herd.

In the hot months such as July its easy to tell how hot the day will be by what time the cows come into the barn in the morning. This morning the cows were telling me that today is not going to be terribly hot but not so cool either. It was 8:00am and they were already at the tank drinking.

Balaram,the light color ox, is turning into a great soul. A bit of a rascal but very friendly and personable. He and his partner,Krsna, are partially trained to voice commands. By the end of summer I want to have them in the yoke and doing some light service and learning how to walk and pull together.

Ganda is the black ox looking over the tank. He is a veteran worker and is a humble gentleman about 11 years old. Always a pleasure to be around as he always has a positive attitude.

Good friends need good water. I love to see them drink their fill. Good oxen,good water, good day to all.


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