Monday, July 24, 2006

Two of My Best Friends

This is my first blog post. Please let me introduce Krishna and Balaram who are two oxen on our farm. I have begun to train them to be working oxen. Originally they were saved from the slaughterhouse. Friends noticed them at a petting zoo in August 2004 and inquired about them. They were told that the two calves would be sold at auction soon because they were getting too big for the petting zoo. Our friends asked us if we would take them. We said yes if they would financially pay for their upkeep, and they arrived at our farm in September 2004. At our farm we protect cows and oxen for their entire lives.

In this picture Krishna and Balaram are 1 1/2 years old and enjoying the fesh green pastures of Spring on our ISCOWP farm. By the way ISCOWP means the International Society for Cow Protection.



Huntt Village said...

Congratulations on your first Blog! Looking forward to keeping up with what's happening on the farm!


Jana said...

Most beautiful cows!!!