Monday, August 07, 2006

Nanda's Apples

Good Morning. My name is Nanda and I have been a resident ox here at the ISCOWP Farm since 1996. I am trained to basic voice commands for working. I'm just on a leisurely stroll through the pasture checking out my favorite clover spots and low and behold what do I see...............APPLES. I hadn’t seen them before today but I guess that’s because every time I passed this way I was grazing and looking for some tasty grasses and herbs to eat, which means my head was down and my vision focused on the ground.

Wow, this is great!!!!!!!!!!

I know Balabhadra and family like to make applesauce and dried apple rings for winter use and to give to ISCOWP members like Amala Bhakta prabhu in Los Angeles, but I don’t think they will miss a few. They don’t mind sharing.

I know I can reach the lower branches so I guess that will be my quota by natures arrangement.

Ah yes, I can reach the lower branches and yes these apples are quite tasty. In fact, they are PURE NECTAR and a welcome treat.

I will have to tell Vraja and Gita about this apple tree, as I know they are tall enough to reach the apples. Im sure Balabhadra won’t mind a few more apples going to the cows.

Hay, it has been nice sharing with you all this morning. Got to go. I have more grazing to do on the way to the barn where I will have a good long drink of water. Its going to be a hot day so I will just stay in the barn in the shade until it cools down a bit this afternoon.

Moooooooooving on.

Nanda the ox

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Jana said...

Happy cows eat apples =)))