Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ox Training

Krishna and Balaram

This conversation was overheard in the barn. Krsna, the ox, is speaking with his herd mate Balarama, the ox.

Another day of training is upon us and we will be heading up the lane to our classroom where Balabhadra will be teaching us another directional command. So far, we have learned the command to "Get Up" which means to move forward.We have learned the command of "Whoa" which means that we should stop immediately.The third command we learned is "Ha" which means to come to the left.

Today we will start to learn the command of "Gee", which means to turn right. Balabhadra has been very busy and it’s been awhile since we had a lesson. It sure does feel good to be heading to class so we can learn more and become a valuable asset to the farm.

There is so much service to be done. In the spring, there is plowing, planting, and cultivation of the crops and gardens. In the summer when it’s dry enough there are fence posts that need split and then hauled to the various fencing projects or stacked by the barn for future use.

Firewood is needed for the three houses on the farm. Next to plowing, that is the most strenuous work of the summer because the weather is so hot and humid. But, allot of the firewood project is in the forest where it’s shady. It’s nice working in the forest. Besides being shady, there are so many neat places and the birds are all singing and talking to each other. There are also different tasting grasses and herbs that we don’t see or taste out in the pastures.

Balabhadra would like to get a small ground driven Manure spreader so we can spread manure on the fields and garden in the fall.

Balabhadra was talking to his daughter Lakshmi, and said that if we learn the command "Gee" quickly, he would like to Yoke us up in the very near future so we can learn how to walk together and then start pulling a small load.

Soon the fall season will be upon us, and the undergrowth in the forest will thin out and we will go practice pulling a small load through an obstacle course of trees and stumps and fallen branches. It’s so exciting to be in training again, so we can be of service on the farm. Vraja and Gita, the senior ox team, are retired and we will be taking up their service.

Vraja and Gita

It’s so nice to know that as trained oxen we have value and are not just looked at as a potential hamburger or considered as a burden because we just eat and sleep and don’t pull our weight around the farm.

I can’t wait until we are fully trained and we can show everyone the value of a team of trained oxen. After all, the conclusion of Bhakti Yoga, is to render service to Lord Krsna, with love and devotion. I can’t wait Balarama. How about you? This life won’t be wasted on just eating and sleeping.

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urvasi devi dasi said...

That was so wonderful reading the conversation between Krsna and Balaram. You really know your guys and their personalities. I think that you should continue to do this and then publish them in a book. It is a gentle and interesting way to not only peer into farm life but also learn the philosophy. GREAT!