Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two Brothers Reflect on a Protected Life

Hay Gita, its looks like the real hot days of summer have again passed and the cooler days of Autumn are upon us. I can’t remember sitting in this spot and ruminating after a morning of grazing. This summer was so hot we were in the barn most mornings by 7:30 or 8:00 and stayed there till late afternoon. Those high 90's days were hard to handle. The humidity didn’t help either, but lucky for us Balabhadra has 3 water tanks in the barns and we have shade and cool, clean water within easy access.

That’s right Vraja, this summer was harsh and the rain has been a lot less than usual. Balabhadra is moving us from pasture to pasture quicker so we don’t overgraze the pastures. I remember one year back in the 1990's we were having to eat hay in the middle of August as the drought was so severe there just wasn’t any grass in the pastures to graze.

That was a really harsh summer Gita, but those drought summers do happen occasionally. We’ve seen a couple of drought summers in our 15 years of protected life with Balabhadra and family on the ISCOWP farm. We were just 1 day away from going to the sale barn when we were bought by ISCOWP and given a protected life.

We were trained to voice commands so we could work the land under Balabhadra's direction. Balabhadra had us doing so much service on the farm we were able to stay in great physical shape. We Plowed up fields, worked them down for the planting of grains and other crops, and hauled firewood and fence posts. Sometimes, we even had college classes come for visits and demonstrations.

Do you remember that one class that come from Hanover collage with Dr. Bob Rosenthal? We were giving a plowing demonstration and Balabhadra had us stop in the middle of the field and unhooked us from the plow with it still in the ground. He then asked the boys in the class to pick up the chain and pull the plow for the rest of that furrow. They couldn’t even pull the plow one foot to finish that furrow.

Balabhadra explained to them that a good team of oxen is the Backbone of the family farm and not the Soupbone.

Vraja, besides the farm work do you remember when were younger how we traveled for 3 months each summer? We traveled three times across the United States so we could lead Lord Jagannath in many Ratha Yatra parades and participated in many Festival of India programs. We met so many nice people across the land, both Americans and visitors, who we were able to discuss the concept of a vegetarian diet and OX POWER, an alternative to petroleum dependent agriculture.

Yeah Gita, those were the days. Traveling from place to place every couple of days and sleeping under a different tree every night. There were so many sights, new experiences, and new friends. It’s been a great life of service and teaching opportunities on the ISCOWP Farm for a team of protected oxen.

Hay Vraja, these purple flowers are sure beautiful and in a week or so the golden rod will be in bloom. Won’t that be a sight to see?

What a great and meaningful life its been for us on the ISCOWP Farm...!!!

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All glories to your service and inspiration to others.