Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Joyous Occasion

Let us see what is going on in the pasture!

Thanks for the heart rending but wonderful inspiring write up about Vraja. Here we can see how cows really have wonderful emotions.

I also had the good fortune to have a similar experience. The difference was that the occasion was of joy.

Once I had been to a farm of my devotee friend HG Dayanidhi pr. We reached there early morning. He has few cows that were disowned by their owners and were left at a veterinary hospital. The owners got them admitted and never came back to get them.

So, he got some of the cows as the hospital authorities were or could not take proper care.

Now the cows were happy as they had enough to eat and a place to graze.

We reached the farm early morning and were doing our prescribed duties. We could also see that the pregnant cow would give birth today. So, that cow was not sent for grazing on the day. At around 10am the cow gave birth to a nice calf. As the calf lay on the ground, and the cow was licking the calf, one cow who was grazing with the herd around 200 meters away, came close to the shed and saw that a baby had been born. She started jumping and dancing in happiness seeing the new baby just as we humans celebrate. Then while jumping she circumambulated the cow and calf and ran off to graze after being shooed away from the newborn calf by us.

We thought it was over. No, within few minutes the whole herd came jumping and galloping to the shed and after seeing the cow and calf were all right, performed a group dance for few minutes. The herd (only a few cows) was just jumping around the cow and calf and we could see sheer joy on their faces.

All of us were just as joyful seeing the cow dance. This dance was like devotees dancing at climax of Kirtana.

After some time they had to be shooed away and all went to graze happily after having seen and welcomed the new one.

I hope this helps all to develop their love for Sri Krsna's most dear animal and human's friend.

Your Servant
Madan Gopal Das
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