Thursday, November 02, 2006

Remembering Vraja

Shelda & Vraja
Shelda giving homemade peanut butter cookies to Vraja

My love to everyone,

Please just know that my heart and love as always is with all of you in this very stressful time, but also know that Vraj is home now and happy and young again, and able to move pain free and enjoy his life with Krishna. He had such a wonderful life and home with all of you. The work that he and Gita did over the years and the lives that they touched has been many, and he will always be in many hearts all over the world. Loved and treasured by so many humans, he knew that all his herd mates loved and respected him and wished him well and a speedy transition to the waiting arms of Krishna.

Please give my love to Chaitanya also as I know that he is going through a very difficult time with this. He had developed such a wonderful relationship with Vraj and loved him very much. You could see when the two of them were together that Vraj loved him as well and appreciated what he was doing for him.

I know that this is going to be such a loss for Balabhadra and my heart goes out to him. I realize that it is a void that can never be filled, but I know that in his heart he will always be alive and with him every second till they are reunited again.

I know that it is going to be difficult for everyone because he was family and so many years together will never be forgotten but treasured in rich and happy memories.

I didn't know him very long, but loved him very much just the same. I went to the barn a couple of times when he was lying down, and he let me give him a massage. I never did that unless he let me know that it was ok to give him a good rub. He would turn his massive head around and those big eyes would say "Ah thank you, that felt so good." Then he would let you know when that was enough and he just wanted to rest. I am so glad that I got to give him his peanut butter cookies because you could see the smile in his eyes when he got them. Of course, I never did get them made big enough for him, but he liked them just the same.

Please stay in touch and know that I am always here for everyone and I treasure your friendship and want to be able to help anytime that I can and in any small way that I can.

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saradiya dasi said...

Haribol Shelda,
Thank you for your kind words in regard to the paintings in my online gallery called: "Animal Art" from my website:
I started these a few years ago, and would like to put them into a book form and/or have a gallery showing to share with the public.
I just remembered that Vraja was part of a team with Burfi. I saw them in the early 90's in SF, and LA Rathyatras. I took pictures of them and one of these brothers was used in my painting "A Mouthful." He is the cow sitting in the dish on the table. These oxen were an inspiration for my artwork!
It is nice to be in the company of other cow lovers! Hare Krsna!
Saradiya dasi