Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cow Protection Around the Globe Part II

Another stop was Mayapur cow project in India. Here is an excerpt from Balabhadra’s letters while there.

“Yesterday we had a 3 hour goshalla meeting. The bottom line depends on how many bulls are working. The agriculture department will take 6 bulls and start working them. The Mayapur goshalla will use 6 bulls for agriculture and transport, and Hrimati's bullock man will take 2 for 2 months and train them and return them trained. They have now 9 bulls trained and doing service, so if all goes according to plan, 21 will be trained and working. The agriculture department showed up bright and early the next morning after the meeting and was checking out all of the oxen. Hrimati was there and she was amazed that they showed up so quickly and were fired up about picking out their 6 oxen.

Oxen are now employed in spiritual processions in Mayapur

Hrimati is a member of the animal protection committee at Mayapur. She speaks fluent Bengali and is not afraid to get involved. During the meeting, I was able to push through a lot of her proposals and projects that need done at the goshalla.”

Mahadeva, the lead bull was very sick when Balabhadra was there. He spent much time helping the devotees take care of him. An operation was performed, but we found out later he never fully recovered and has passed away. He was greatly loved by the devotees there.

Mahadeva right before he became very ill

Hrimate with Abhay Charan who will replace Mahadeva as breeding bull.

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