Monday, March 12, 2007

Cow Protection Around the Globe

Balabhadra at Wenda's: "All of Wenda's cows/oxen are rescue. One of these 3 Holsteins was so sick that Wenda slept with him in the barn for 6 months. He is now quite healthy and as sweet an ox as can be. "

Being a simple cowherd at heart, Balabhadra now realizes he could have taken a laptop with him and updated you all as he traveled. Now that he is in Estonia taking a break, he has sent some photos of his trip.

The first stop was Wenda Shehata’s project in East Sussex England.

Another cow protector, Labangalatika in Raigad India, wrote us about her. That’s how we found out about her and decided to visit her.

“Do you know about Wenda in England who has a cow rescue place and 34 cows and bulls? When she was a small girl she freed some calves meant for slaughter and had to hide all night in the bushes to avoid being caught but got severely beaten anyway. She vowed when she grew up to have a place where nothing would ever be killed and when she was 35 she did this with help of Matthew whom she met after her son was grown up and on his own. They have this place for 13 yrs now and she does Agnihotra every morning and makes 500 cow dung cakes a day. The two of them do all their own work.

She is a devotee, and uses homeopathy in treatment of cows. She also was an activist to stop the veal trucks at Dover. She came to India this year to research how to use gobar and mutri and give some talks. She went to Kurma Rupa too and she has a book contract in Europe. She was to come and visit here but the Nasik riots held her up and she had to get her plane back to UK and have police escort from Nasik to Mumbai!!! “


Balabhadra: "The brown cow was terribly abused and was full of fear for a long time. Due to Wenda's sensitive and gentle care she is quite well now. She asked me to name her and I named her Vrindavan Isvari."

When Balabhadra visited he felt that the quality of cow care was exemplary and that we can all learn from their loving and efficient cow seva.

Submitted by Chayadevi

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