Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cow Protection Around the Globe Part III

Delivering hay to the barn by ox cart

Visiting Krsna Valley (New Vraja Dhama) in Hungary has been a desire of mine for many years. Finally the desire manifested in a visit to Krsna Valley in Early March 2007.

The cows are treated with love and devotion and are one of the focal points of the community. The oxen are being engaged in many different services daily so that their usefulness is appreciated and respected by the devotees. The barns are clean and hay and other feed for the cows are grown and offered with love and devotion to the cows/oxen.

Govindanandana getting ready for a training session with Tharkurji and Haladhar, a young team of oxen

The cow program in Krsna Valley is very carefully thought out in regards to growth of herd in relationship to carrying capacity of the land, available labor force, and long term (15-20-year) planning.

The driving force behind Krsna Valley is two fold, spiritual and practical. The first driving force is Sivarama Maharaja who is pushing the community to actually live a lifestyle depending on the COW/HUMAN/LAND relationship with all of the fruits of labor being offered with love and devotion to Lord Krsna.

The second driving force is Gaura Sakti Prabhu who is a very deep thinker and planner. Over the last 14 years the community has grown from 4 devotees to close to 150 devotees. Most of the devotees live directly on the farm and some live in the nearby village.

Gaura Sakti prabhu showing Syamsundar prabhu from Bhaktivedanta Manor in England, some of the products from the farm

A strong Krsna Conscious presence and practical, grounded, and well thought out planning are evident at every turn. There is a board of directors assisting Gaura Sakti Prabhu and each department head and department staff are always thinking and planning how to reach the community’s goal of depending on Guru and Krsna. based on the COW/HUMAN/LAND relationship.

Currently the community is totally self-sufficient 5 months of the year.

A sampling of some of the products from the farm

Spiritual Purity and careful, thoughtful planning are proving to be key ingredients in the successful development of the Krsna Valley community.

The morning spiritual program is daily attended by well over 100 devotees
The grounds are clean and well maintained.
There are well over 600 fruit trees.
Hundreds of trees have been planted bringing back into the local eco system many species of birds which have not been seen in the area for decades
There is a 175 colony apiary producing 1st class honey bearing the KRSNA VALLEY label, which is becoming famous throughout Hungary.
There is a first class art department that has created one of the most BEAUTIFUL temples in all of ISKCON.
First class Restaurant.
The community is currently hosting 25,000 visitors a year with many returning visitors bringing friends and family to experience the KRSNA VALLEY EXPERIENCE.
The cow protection and maintenance of the cows/oxen is first class and carefully thought out.
The community's school program is well thought out and developing nicely.
Development of cottage industry based on agricultural products is on going.

These are just a few programs going on at the Krsna Valley community. Next year we will be having a Cow Protection Conference at the Krsna Valley community. It will mainly focus on the European countries’ cow protection and farm projects development. I look forward with great anticipation to return to visit the Krsna Valley community and to have their association so I can learn more from them.

I do believe the cow conference will be around Gaura Purnima. Stay tuned for the announcement of actual time.

Anybody traveling close to Hungary please make KRSNA VALLEY a part of your travel plans. Krsna Valley is a must go to destination for any traveling Vaisnava.


Richard M. Boyden said...

All glories to the nice devotees of Krishna Valley, Hungary. Such a wonderful farm project incorporating all the elements of a successful and vibrant cow protection center. This is truly an example of the house that Srila Prabhupada built within which the whole world can live. When the nondevotees become exposed to the devotional process of simple living and high thinking, they will certainly be attracted. This is certainly Krishna consciousness at its best.

Balabhadra das said...

Yes, I found the visit to Krishna Valley very enlivening. If there can be one such project there can be more for the glory of Srila Prabhupada!

aquarius2060 said...

All glories to all devotees who are dedicated to cow protection,as their place in Vaikuntha is guaranteed!