Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cow Protection Around the Globe Part IV

Four of Sudevi's calves
I kept hearing about Sudevi and her cow protection program in Radha Kund, which is located about 20 miles from Vrindavan, India I kept asking different people who she was and how I could find her. When I visited Kurma Rupa's CARE FOR COWS in Vrindavan, I asked him about Sudevi and indeed he did know her and said he would take me to her place.

Sudevi is doing a similar program as CARE FOR COWS. Injured cows are brought to her for healing as well as cows being rescued from the streets so that the night time trucks of butchers don’t pick them up and take them for slaughter. Her main area of operation is Radha Kund and Govardhan and her shelter is located in Radha Kund.

Sudevi and helper taking care of a wounded leg

When I was there in the end of February she was taking care of 100 cows/oxen and calves. Her animals are very well cared for by herself and hired staff. Kurma Rupa's vet , Dr. Lavania, also visits Sudevi's shelter several times a month and gives her free medical aid for her animals.

Sudevi's project from the rooftop

Sudevi is of German descent. In her youth, her father was a German Ambassador to India. As a young girl Sudevi very much liked India, so when her parents were recalled to return to Germany she stayed on in India. She has been in India for 25 years and for the last ten years she has been caring for cows in Radha Kund.


Sudevi's shelter is run with love for the cows but is seriously under financed. She does not have a computer and relies on donations to keep her cow care project funded. Anyone wishing to place donations to her project can do so through ISCOWP and we will make sure she receives them. A very worthy project to help.

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Richard M. Boyden said...

Such a nice story about Sudevi. I had heard from Kurma Rupa and the Care for Cows newsletter about her, so I was sending laxmie to CFC and requesting Kurma Rupa that he could use it for Sudevi's cows also. That really fills in her story, to hear that she was the ambassadors daughter, and that she stayed on in India. That is another good reason to visit Radha Kund next time I visit India. Thanks to Balabhadra Prabhu for the info.