Monday, May 21, 2007

Vishwa Gou Sammelan (World Cow Conference)

A rescued bull attended all events at the main pandal

We received a personal invitation to attend the World Cow Conference in Hosanagar, India. After much debate, we decided to attend. An experience of a lifetime followed. On this page we write a little about the event to just keep you informed of our activities. We have also included a slideshow of the event at the bottom of this page. More information will follow in additional articles.

Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamaji, the spiritual leader of Shree Ramachandrapuramath has dedicated himself to the preservation of the indigenous breeds of Indian cows. Part of his mission is to prevent cruelty and slaughter of cows, restore love, dignity and respect to cows, conduct scientific research on different aspects of cow rearing and breeding, educate Indian farmers and general public about the benefits of rearing Indian breed cattle, promote cow centered organic agriculture, health care and therapy, and establishment of cow centered industries.

At the conference there were scientists, doctors, lawyers, farmers, cow protectors, and others from around the world presenting their knowledge and understanding of cow protection. We felt that it was important that our spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada, be represented as it has been his long term vision of cow protection that has inspired us for years to protect cows. To this end we were able to speak publicly of Srila Prabhupada's vision before a thousand people, many more by press coverage, and presented our literature to many individuals.

We want to thank all the other devotees that attended to increase Srila Prabhupada's presence. Special thanks to Govindanandana and Radha Kanta from Hungary, and Hrimate from Mayapur for their contribution of photos and assistance in making sure the devotees had a strong presence.

So much information was made available at the conference that it will take us some time to absorb fully. It was tremendously inspiring to attend such a mega event where approximately a 1/2 million people attended to just learn, share their knowledge, and see the cow.

You may view some pictures of the event by either:
World Cow Conference


Richard M. Boyden said...

Yes, this recent conference shows the immensity of the cow protection movement, at least in India, where it is expected that there is some sentiment for the cow. Now, we want to hear that the government of India has been moved to ban all cow slaughter. The most we can hope for in this iron age is to see Western technology and Eastern wisdom combine to turn the planet into a garden for the next 9500 years. Then the downward spiral will continue unabated to the end in 427,000 years, at which time there will be a short respite, and then the next yuga cycle will begin. Let us follow the example of simple living and high thinking afforded by cow protection and jump on Lord Caitanya's sankirtana bandwagon and taste immortal nectar even in this life.

Balabhadra das said...

Although there is so much cow slaughter in the world and in India, we can understand that there are still many persons who beleive in the spiritual potency of the cow and the benefits of protecting her. It often appears that hose of us who are either actively protecting cows or supporting those who do are very much alone. A gathering like this gives all of us much encouragement and hope.

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Viswa Gou Sammelan .to show the only Cow come to earth to wellfare of mankind so it is not to slaughter in any food purpose, but worship to sustain their utilities and use Bullocks for food SATVIK for manking to Agriculture.
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