Sunday, December 16, 2007

Radharani has passed on

Radharani with her head on pillow. Gita, Shyama and Asha watching over her. Thursday evening.

I am sorry to announce the passing of Radharani. She passed away Friday evening between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Radharani was between the ages of 23-25 years. When she was passing and ill she was listing to Srila Prabhupada singing 24/7. I am truly going to miss her. Whenever I would enter the barn or pastures she was in, Radharani would try to pick my pockets or nibble on my clothing. She loved any and all treats she could get from anyone. Radharani was a really sweet, gentle loving cow.

One thing that really touched me in her passing was how Gita interacted with her. When ever Gita would sit down he would sit down right in front of her in her line of sight. He was a calming influence on her. He was like a meditating sage/old man giving comfort to an old friend during their illness. Asha and Shyama were also very good to Radharani. They would sit next to her or very close by. When I went to check her for the last time I knew that she had passed just by how Gita was acting. He had this look on his face saying “Radharani is no longer with us; she has gone on to a higher place”. She was not moving at all, usually when I would go to check on her I would be talking to her so her ears and eyes would move to hear and see me. I went over to her just to make sure that she had passed. I petted and stroked her like I usually do and there was no response at all. She was not as warm as she usually was. I knew for sure she was no longer with us. So I went over to Gita who was sitting right in front of her and petted him and thanked him for taking such good care of her. After I went out and closed the gates I called Mom and told her that Radharani had passed and if she could please let her adopter know of her passing.

Radharani was with the group that walked up from Gosh’s and decided to come live with us instead of returning to the big barn.

Submitted by Lakshmi Devi

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Dr,B.N.Dave said...

Looking to the photoes I feel they r old Cows and the mercy for their life till death.But in other way life with Cow rearing keep u sound.Lord krishna used to stand inbetween the herd of Cow every day at return of Cow herd to shed at 5PM to get charged with dustwhich was a rediation helped his body.Sonlight the rays radiation transfered to cow, and to human.The milk products contain the full essential nutrients will keep u healthy, If u consume the Ark (distilled Cow urine 5ml in 30 ml water ), that gives u away from 108 disease , and if daily without any symptoms of disease also keep u ever healthy and increase immunity,stamina and it protect skin rom health hazards.,
Dr,Balkrishna.Dave India