Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bhumi's operation part 4

I am so pleased to say that Bhumi’s eye area is looking great after having her eye removed due to a cancerous growth around it. It has healed extremely well. The hair that was shaved around the eye is growing back nicely and the eye socket is nicely formed.

We have made up with each other. For a while she was not happy at all with me. We gave her antibiotic shots to prevent infection after the operation, and I was the one who tied her up so she could get her shots. Now, when I go into the barn she comes over to me on her own accord.

I took down the fence separating Bhumi from Gita, Asha, Dwadasi and Shyama. So Bhumi is really enjoying herself bossing the other girls around. She dare not try to boss Gita around. Gita gets this look that says, “Don’t even think of doing that.” He has his expression perfected. When I give the medicine in the morning to Bhumi, Gita, and Jaya, Bhumi very patiently waits till I have given Gita his grain and meds before begging for her apple and meds. Bhumi is back to liking lots of attention and rub downs.

Submitted by Lakshmi Devi

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