Friday, February 22, 2008

In Memory of Gita

Gita socializing with Lakshmi and guest jck Baldwin last May 2007
I was finally able to check my e-mail late on February 18 in India and wrote a letter to my parents asking how everything and the cows were at home. Mom wrote back (it was the 17th in America) that Gita was in very bad shape and most likely would not last that long. As I was reading the email, I started to cry. He was one of my babies, he was raised as if he was my brother not someone or something that you owned.

By this time, it was late in the evening and the middle of the night in the USA so I would not hear anything from parents until the next day. All day I was thinking about Gita and praying for him. On one hand, I was praying that he would pass fast and on the other hand, I did not want him to pass at all. You never want a family member to pass on who is dear to your heart, soul, and mind. Here in India it was Lord Nityananda's appearance day, a very holy day and a good day to pray.

I was finally able to check my e-mail in the late afternoon and there was an e-mail waiting from Mom. I did not want to open it. I knew it was about Gita. I was right, he had passed, but he had a very good passing. He was blessed that he went quickly and his passing was not prolonged. I started crying again. Just writing this right now, I want to cry and I am starting to tear up just remembering reading the e-mail.

It was a blessing to have known Gita because he was such a sweet, kindhearted, and gentle soul. I know he has moved on to another good place in his journey. I just wished he had not moved on so soon. Whenever I would go into the barn, he was always so thrilled to see me. He loved to be petted, rubbed, and sometimes just hugged. He had the most beautiful soulful eyes. I felt I could fall into them and be comforted and healed. Gita always knew when you were sad and would try to comfort you in his own sweet way by trying to lick the sorrow out of you with his big sandy tongue.

Gita and Vraja did so much outstanding preaching. They touched so many hearts and minds and changed them for the better. I remember traveling all over the country with them and the affect they had on the public. Gita was always the sweet and gentle one of the twins. We always had to watch out for Vraja, he really liked to use his horns. We never had to worry about Gita misbehaving or scaring people with his size or horns. He was the perfect gentleman.

Gita's full name was Bhagavad-Gita. Everyone who knew him will sorely miss him.

Submitted by Lakshmi devi


Richard M. Boyden said...

Poor old Gita. I miss him all the more because I haven't seen him or Vraja since I first met them in Washington, D.C., in '92. They were both young oxen then, the stars of Iscowp's traveling, preaching program. I am feeling so much separation from cows and the land, that I may not be able to maintain my body and soul together without a large, prompt infusion of cow association. Wondering how that might happen, I am having to recalculate my current priorities.
Jai! Jai! Jai! Gita, Vraja and Radharani.

Balabhadra das said...

Thank you Vaninatha for adopting Gita in his last days as you did Vraja and Radharani. We greatly appreciate your participation in cow protection. Yes, Gita and Vraja were stars in the preaching field. Vraja was the rock star and Gita was the more quiet, brahminical brother.

Come visit some time and spend some time with the cows and land at our ISCOWP farm!