Sunday, February 24, 2008

Memories of Gita

Gita with Chaitanya Bhagavat and Shelda
I first met Gita when I came to New Vrindavan in June 2006. Balabhadra prabhu was showing the ISCOWP barn to me when I felt a nudge on my right shoulder. I turned around and there he stood, 7 feet high at the horns, 2000 pounds of pure friendship and loyalty. To describe him as majestic would be an understatement.

I turned to stroke his face and he began licking my hand with his sandpaper tongue. I took a few steps away from him to continue the tour with Balabhadra and Gita followed me closely wherever I walked. We became fast friends.

By Krishna’s mercy, I was able to spend many a day serving and caring for him over the past couple of years. The experiences and lessons from his association are so meaningful to me I could write a book and probably should.

The last few days of his life, I spent with him morning and evening. I would go to the barn and rock his head in my arms. He would just collapse into me as we both sat in the hay listening to Srila Prabhupada chant “Manasa Deha Geha.”

When I found his body that morning as I walked into the barn, Srila Prabhupada was speaking the purport to that song. His exact words as I approached Gita were; “My life, my body, my home, I surrender everything unto you.”
Submitted by Chaitanya Bhagavat das

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