Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thank You New Vrindavan Devotees

Gita With The Herd last Summer

Within the story about how “Gita Moved On” we mentioned the selfless devotees who dropped everything and came immediately when asked to help Gita. We would like to mention their names: Bhakta Chris, Gopal das, Krsna das, Madhavananda das, Yamuna-Jivana das, Ragupati das, Lalita Gopi dasi, Vishaka dasi, Vrnda dasi. Special thanks to Chaitanya Bhagavat das who spent many hours with Gita in his aging days and in the last moments of his life, and Tranakarta das who recently has come back to New Vrindavan and helped with caring for Gita in his final days.

“On February 16, we moved him again and he again surprised everyone and walked around. This time we made certain he was in the larger part of the geriatric barn and he eventually sat down in a good place. However, the next day, after Chaitanya fed him his grains, Gita collapsed. From that point, he struggled to get upright. When he couldn’t, Chaitanya came to get me and we both went to the barn to access what could be done. We realized that we needed to flip him to get him into a better position but the two of us would not be enough to do it. Then, Chaitanya went to the temple to see what help he could get. About forty-five minutes later, Chaitanya came back with six devotees to help flip Gita. We had four devotees on Gita’s legs and three at his head to make sure his head moved with his body. We expertly flipped Gita and he landed sitting up. We braced him with square bales and then he tried to eat the bales. Enthusiastically, all the devotees ran to him with hay to eat. The cows ran to the gate to see. Everyone was very happy at what appeared to be a miraculous recovery. Joy permeated the atmosphere. I was inspired and moved to see the selfless service of the devotees and their joy at Gita’s recovery.”

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