Sunday, July 13, 2008

College Students Visit ISCOWP

A dinner fresh from the ISCOWP organic garden

Meeting Jaya in the barn

Columbia and Rutgers University was represented at ISCOWP with a visit of students from 26th Second Avenue temple headed by Gadadhara Pandit and Doyal Gauranga. Again it was raining and plans to visit the cows on pasture were curtailed. However, discussions on what is cow protection and a farm fresh meal were enjoyed. Some comments from the guests:

Premananda das & Gauri Priya dd: “Most amazing, enlightening, and uplifitng experience coming to spend time with your family. Thank you!”

Gretchen Turner: “Could not be any more beautiful! Thank you a 1,000,000 times. “

Talitha Wachtelborn: “Thanks for having us! It was wonderful!”

Sunday, July 06, 2008

ISKCON Youth Ministry Visits ISCOWP

Balabhadra giving a class to the youth in the barn

The new ISCOWP barn restaurant

Madhava is very charismatic

Kalki enjoys the affection

The ISKCON Youth Bus Tour came for June 30th for a visit. There were torrents of rain the whole day which changed our plans of service in the garden and and a bonfire. Instead we utilized the ISCOWP barns for classes and partaking of lunch. The youth asked many questions which led to in depth discussions not only about cow protection but growing and preserving food, how current events are affecting all of us, alternative oxpower. Some comments:

Radhanatha and Anapayini Jakupo: “Very inspiring and educating tour. Thank you so much for keeping this project alive and for your time to share with all of us. We feel very honored to have been able to visit your home and barn! Thanks!”

Jahnavi Harrison: “I was really so inspired by my visit to your farm. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to see that projects like this are sustainable and can really work! I hope to visit again and learn much more about taking care of cows and organic gardening – maybe that I can put into practice at home temple (Bhaktivedanta Manor). Haribol!

Sarah Silberman: “ I really enjoyed visiting your farm and learning about living off the land the way Prabhupada wanted. Thank you so much for everything. “

Kamala Kumar Mayshark:
“I was so inspired to see your barn and home and to see the amount of self efficiency in your family. Your cows are beautiful!”