Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We have some sad news to tell you. Nanda passed away Sunday evening the 15th of February 2009. He was fourteen years old. The picture attached was taken in the afternoon of February 15th. As you can see he appears well. What we understand happened is that he lost his balance, due to his ongoing leg and back problems, fell and then could not get up. Such a huge ox, 7 feet at his shoulder, can not last long in a lying position due to much stress on the internal organs.

I had checked the barn in the late afternoon of the 15th, and everyone was fine. We have concluded it happened in the night as we found him the following morning lying in the barn; his soul had already left his body. The other cows seemed calm, like they had already accepted the fact that he was gone.

We are thankful he went quickly as with his ailments he could have lingered a long time because he was healthy otherwise. During last summer, he fell once and could not get up. It was during the day and on pasture. We tried to flip him, pull him, etc. but he could not move. We then went for help and when we arrived later we could not find him. He was found happily pasturing under the nearby trees. That time he was able to get up.

Since he was 3 years old he has had leg and back problems. Throughout those years we have tried different treatments and medicines like homeopathy and acupuncture. These did seem to help and therefore give him a quality life and a longer life. He was able to pasture and mingle with his herd mates till his last hours.

Jaya and Nanda were an ox team. They were named after Jayananda, a very inspiring and pure disciple of Srila Prabhupada! Both Jaya and Nanda have been gentle and gentlemanly despite their huge size (half Simmental). It was a pleasure to be around Nanda as he was never rowdy and aggressive. We will be greatly miss him due to his brahminical nature.

He had the priviledge to be adopted by the same adopter for 4 years and another adopter for 2 years. All glories to Nanda!

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Gill said...

Very sad to hear that you bull has died. I think he must have reached his maximum age limit. I wish you all the best for buying a new bull.