Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ISKCON Farms 2009

The ISKCON Farm power point presentation presented to the Governing Body Commission of ISKCON at their Mayapur meetings in February 2009 can be viewed HERE

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ISCOWP May Update Letter

Dear Friends,

Hare Krishna!

Sorry our blog has been inactive for a few months. To catch up we are now posting the May ISCOWP Update letter

Madhava is carrying out the “haw” command given by Balabhadra while Navadwipa from MISCOWP looks on.

Balabhadra showed Navadwipa from MISCOWP a few pointers in ox training with Madhava who remembered his commands after 6 months of no ox training activity. He was rusty at first, but got better and better during the session. Balabhadra was enthusiastic with Madhava’s performance. He is going to continue training him and his partner Kesava as well as the Brahmans Sri and Priya. Madhava’s cooperative behavior put no physical strain on Balabhadra’s health.

The cows are now on the green, lush pastures of spring. The weather is cool with intermittent rainfall. This is one of the most enjoyable times for cows. There are hardly any flies and the fresh grass is such a delight after months of hay. Like all good things, spring will end and the heat of summer will come too soon.

Jayanti massaging Priya.

Kanti and Jack with the Brahmans.

Jayanti, a cowherd from New Talavan Farm, came to visit the ISCOWP farm and cows. Jayanti is not only a hands-on cowherd, but also the efficient record keeper of New Talavan’s herd of 98. We discussed cow care, the obstacles as well as the rewards.

Kanti and Jack, members of ISCOWP, came to visit for a few days. They stayed in the cabin and had this to write about their experience: “Thank you so much for the opportunity to share your little corner of the spiritual world for a few days. These are the experiences we carry in our hearts while working day to day – the cows peacefully grazing on the ridge with the sun going down behind the hill. We appreciate the work and dedication you all put in to create this sheltering environment for the cows.”

Rasikananda came to film Balabhadra and the cows for the film Lost Village. The Following two paragraphs are from the film’s synopsis.

For the first time in human history, a smaller proportion of the global population now lives in rural areas, states the United Nations statistics from June 2006. The twentieth century witnessed the rapid urbanization of the world’s population. As a result, villages have been eclipsed in importance, as units of human society, settlement and traditions. This issue is being dealt with by the character based documentary Lost Village.
Lost Village aims to explore that simple way of life that is crucial to the solution of ecological problems and social dilemmas. “Is that simple village life destined to die?” is the call of millions throughout the world.

The trailers, previous to Balabhadra’s participation, are available at

Monoram and Radha Krishna, residents of the ISKCON farm in Hungary, came for a visit and appreciated the cows and atmosphere at the ISCOWP farm. They are traveling about to describe and inform audiences about their progressive self-sufficient farm

Staff Update
Balabhadra is making slow progress towards increased strength and well-being since his heart attack and inability to use his legs. He has stopped taking some medications and feels better for it. Back and leg problems are on going but we have some treatments scheduled soon and we will see if they help improve his range of painless movement. Lakshmi’s hand is improving but she does not yet have full use of it. She is expecting her baby in mid June. Despite our limited physical abilities, farm activities are accomplished. Janardana and his wife Mercy come several times a week to repair fencing, hang new gates and do general farm work. Seedlings are planted in the greenhouse and we are getting ready to put seeds and seedlings in the earth soon as our last frost is May 15 or 20.

We now have a sign at the head of the lane so you, are guests, can find us. After a mile down the lane, there is a large sign that tells you that you have found ISCOWP. We thank my brother Henry for the original logo design that is very attractive on the sign. Previously, we were told it was hard to find us. Recent guests say that the signage makes finding us very easy. More signage is needed about the farm that we are presently working on.

Praying that this letter finds you well,

(Irene M. Dove)
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director

The herd grazing on the lush, green, spring pastures