Monday, April 16, 2012

How Close Have YOU Been to an Ox?

A quiet moment with Madhava, a 2000 pound ox.

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Vaninatha dasa brahmachary said...

We have 2 Brown Swiss oxen here at Bhaktivan in Kansas. Agni and Vayu are both appreciating the new Spring grass which is very green and lush at present. The winter was mild but everyone is happy that warmer weather is coming. Sometimes I brush Vayu. He is very mild and peaceable, due to his hip injury. Agni gets a brushing once in a while, but he is not so peaceable as Vayu. Agni is very fat and healthy, and he doesn't much care to be fawned over. He gets pushy if we bother with him much, other than making sure there is a salt block nearby and plenty of fresh water in the tank and that the electric fence is in good repair (for everyone's safety).