Thursday, November 01, 2012

Yamuna Has Left Us

Yamuna gets a hug from Jahnava in 2009

Yamuna has left this world listening to Srila Prabhupada singing sweet bhajans of Lord Krsna, the eternal cowherd boy. This morning Balabhadra went to check on her. She seemed to be peacefully sleeping with her head tucked next to her side. Balabhadra called her name and she didn't move. Again he called her name and again there was no reply. It was then he was close enough to touch her and there was no response. On closer examination he found she was not breathing anymore. 

She had been successfully and easily moved by tractor and sling from the lower pasture to the safety of the barn, about a mile away, on Friday before the bad weather started. We were also very concerned about the ever increasing wild coyote population living in the woods. On our Facebook page there is an album, with captions of this event that you can view at: 

She was far more comfortable and happy in the barn. However she kept trying to move and yesterday Balabhadra found her with her back legs split and her head crunched against the water tank even though he had offered her water several times a day along with hay. She was in such a tight situation and we again had to call for the tractor and sling to move her into a comfortable situation in the barn. She was quite happy in her new spot but appeared to be quite exhausted. Again she was offered fresh hay and water but declined both. Just before dark when Balabhadra was doing the evening herd check he again offered hay and water and she declined again. 

Yamuna was a wonderful sweet cow who grew up as a protected cow under the care of ISCOWP farm. She was friends with all the other cows in the herd and she very much liked her sweet treats whenever we brought them to the herd. She will be missed by all the cowherds and cows. Like the other 23 lifetime protected cows that have passed away on the ISCOWP farm, she will be buried on the farm. 

Thank you for praying for Yamuna. It is most fortunate that she left her body peacefully. 

Your servant, 
ISCOWP Co-Managing Director