Thursday, September 05, 2013

Good News Update

ISCOWP September 2013 E-newsletter

CONTENTS: Old Cows Sheltered, Cow Protection in Alachua, Garden Bounty, Clearing Pastures for the Cows

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Old Cows Sheltered

John using his backhoe bucket as a work platform to install supports for the rafters.

The best price on lumber for us is to go directly to the sawmill where we can get rough cut lumber right off the blade. It is wet so it is heavy, but when it is dry it is very strong. On this building we used poplar. We had the option to use oak, but it was more expensive and the poplar would be just fine for our needs. All of the beams were fastened with lag bolts which gave added strength.

John and Mikey building the tin roof. 

Cow Protection in Alachua Keshihanta and Devaki have been taking care of the cows at ISKCON Alachua for 25 years. They have a program Save the Cow for the remaining seven cows.They are exemplary cowherds and an inspiration to all with their steadfast dedication to cow protection. With their extensive experience, they will help guide the ISKCON Alachua temple's proposed new endeavor to create an eco/village cow protection project. Mathura makes friends with a prospective member of Alachua's eco/village cow protection project.  
ISCOWP was sponsored by the ISKCON Alachua temple to go to Alachua to counsel the beginning development of their eco/village cow protection project. It was enlivening to hear of the concept of teaching the practical as well as the cultural and spiritual benefits of cow protection to the youth in the community which is the largest Hare Krsna community in the USA. All our best wishes to Chitralekha dasi who will be the project's main cowherd. 
    Krsna Bhakta saved a herd of Black Angus cows from slaughter on his farm near Alachua temple.
Krsna Bhakta and family bought a 30 acre farm close to Alachua temple. A herd of Black Angus cows were already on the farm. If Krsna Bhakta and family did not buy the herd, the owner would sell all the cows for slaughter. Compelled to save the cows, Krsna Bhakta and family bought the herd and are now caring for twenty-two cows!
  Garden Bounty
 A thirty pound watermelon grown in the ISCOWP garden was sweet.
Shelter for Old Cows Completed 

It has been a good growing season for watermelon. Last year all our melons were killed by some disease. Broccoli is also growing well whereas in previous years it would be ruined by bugs. Although a late harvest due to the weather patterns this growing season, our harvest is bountiful.

Broccoli, Bitter Melon, Kale, peppers, sunflowers,pole beans,marigolds and Brussels sprouts all grow well in cow manure as the only fertilizer.

A school project, this sunflower was grown from 1 seed in Balaji's classroom and then transplanted as a seedling into the cow manure fertilized earth in the ISCOWP garden.

 Big heads of broccoli on all the plants.

Clearing Pastures for the Cows
Thanks to your support we are able to mow hilly rough pastures without endangering the oxen. 

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year we had a campaign to help us purchase an ATV and brush hog attachment for the purpose of mowing the pastures regularly to keep the maximum grass growing for the cows by cutting the weeds before seed germination. Much of our land is hilly and rough. By rough we mean rocky and with holes from groundhogs and other critters. Balabhadra did not want to risk utilizing a team of oxen on this terrain.  Now we have found out that the equipment works really well and seems to cut all weeds down. It is a rough ride and we found that hills can not be mowed horizontally but mowed vertically and gone around in a circle formation. Even then there are some spots that have to be let alone as the ATV and brush hog almost tipped over when nearing them.