Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Cows Going Out on Spring Pasture

The grass hasn't grown that high yet,  but the cows were so eager to roam the pastures after such a harsh, long winter that we let them out a few days ago. In fact, Madhava, the ox,  had broken out twice to munch the grass on the other side of the fence which really made the other cows envious.

We performed artik to our deity Giriraj and the cows and fed them the cows treats. Vegan Indira, the cow who was recently saved by ISCOWP members from the dairy industry, met the rest of the herd and green grass for the first time in her life as did the calves Indraneela and Anasuya who had been saved from the auction barn last fall. It was an auspicious time for the cows.