Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sadly Missing Krishna


All the cows went in the barn at the end of November. In later December we noticed Krishna getting thin. This was usual for him for the past three years and we didn't worry. He would get thin in winter but have no problem moving around and eating. Then he would fatten up in the spring when he and all the other cows were let out on pasture. His spring, summer and fall video updates showed him well and happy.He seemed to be following the same pattern this year.

This evening Balabhadra found him lying down in the barn. He said he is real weak and doesn't seem able to get up. He is surrounded by his friends and we have the Hare Krishna mantra chanted by Srila Prabhupada playing in the barn 24/7. Balabhadra and Lakshmi put a bunch of hay under him to make him comfortable.

We had an ox quite a few years back who had similar problems and the vet said he had Johnes disease for which there is no cure even if recognized in the early stages. It is a digestive disease. For that particular ox we tried a bunch of remedies anyway to no avail.

If you could please pray for Krishna that he receive the mercy of Lord Krishna.


Hare Krsna!

Balabhadra went to check this morning on Krishna and found him in the same position. He sprinkled Govardhana dust and Radha Kund water on his head, put Tulasi leaves in his mouth and put a Lord Nrsringhadev kavitra on his horns. The sound of Hare Krsna bhajans could be heard in the barn from a CD player which we have playing 24/7. An hour later Balabhadra called me from the barn to tell me Krishna had passed away. He will be buried on the farm today.

Krishna's passing is unexpected and therefore difficult to accept. He was ten years old and in human years he would be 50 years old. Some of the cows were nudging him and sniffing him as if expecting him to get up. Narayana (a young Milking Shorthorn) was trying to lift him by his horns to get him moving. Balabhadra said that Krishna came over to him three days ago, the day before he went down, to talk to him while he was filling the feed aisle with hay. Krishna was quite chipper and his usual friendly, charming self. He went down yesterday evening and left us this morning, a very quick departure which greatly reduced his physical suffering.

Krishna and his friend Balaram were found in a petting zoo by some devotees who were told they were about to be shipped to the slaughterhouse because they had become too big for the petting zoo. They were 3 months old. The devotees called us and asked us to take them and they have been with us ever since. Balaram is quite healthy and I am sure will be missing Krishna.

Krishna will be remembered for his handsome appearance and his charming personality. He was always friendly to guests and patient with them in his mild mannered way. He was especially popular with the female guests. I always looked forward to visiting with him as he was always so relaxed and friendly. His association had a calming, soothing affect.

We will all miss Krishna greatly. Please pray for his journey to greener pastures.

Krishna (on the right) and Balaram setting foot on ISCOWP ground
for the very first time in 2004.

Krishna (on the left) skinny and with large cuts.  Balaram on the right. 
We were surprised at their condition when they arrived.
Krishna fattening up during the summer.
Amicable Krishna.

Balaram and Krishna (sitting down).
      Krishna (with Balabhadra) and Balaram (with Lakshmi)received           
      basic training by voice commands early in their lives.

Krishna and his friends during the fall of 2014.

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