Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kalindi Vijaya and Her Boyfriends

Kalindi Vijaya is one of our rescue dairy cows. She is the star of the video "Joyfully Free From the Dairy." Some of our subscribers have asked how she is doing since she was rescued in 2015. 

Kalindi Vijaya is doing well. This video will give you some idea of her life at ISCOWP. 

This spring Kalindi has two boyfriends: Priyavrata and Narayana. They are rescues also. It has been two years since Kalindi was rescued, 5 years since Narayana was rescued and 9 years since Priyavrata was rescued. They have been and are living a peaceful life at the ISCOWP farm where they will live out their natural lives. 

This video represents the spring update for Kalindi, Priyavrata and Narayana. Most of the spring was very dry, in fact we were in a drought. now the rains have come and it is raining everyday. The video clips that show bright green pasture are a result of just a few days of rain.

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